Metroairportsedan is one of the largest companies in Detroit and in Michigan, that offers vehicular transportation service. We were able to achieve a high level of excellence and excel in a short time, with a reputation as the top limousine service in Detroit area. Due to its special fleet variety, which includes different luxury levels to suit all styles. In addition to our unbeatable prices. We aim to provide VIP service to all our clients, no matter how short or long their commute. We offer DTW airport shuttles, limousines, sedans and SUVs for events such as weddings, proms, birthdays and corporate events.



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Terms & Conditions

Our Terms & Conditions


We propose our clients to book a car in advance which requires no extra charges to stay sure that a car will come to pick up in time. However, we can also render you a car at short notice. In that case, you can call us or book online if available. After your booking, an email confirmation will be sent by us to you. This means you are in our system of reservation and will get your rented car on time.


At the arrival baggage claim our driver will greet you. He or she will hold the name sign of Passenger. All the drivers of Metro Black Sedan service have software of flight tracking. Using this software, they will track your flight if delays or arrives early according to the information you provided.


You don’t have to pay any extra charges for calling us six hours prior to the pickup time. If the cancellation is done within six hours or after the pickup time that was scheduled, then you are subjected to complete fare and recompense charges. You need to cancel all the reservations separately.  If you need to make changes or cancel reservation, within the time of pickup 12:00 am to 6:00 am, then you need to call prior to 11:00pm or the night prior to the scheduled pickup time to circumvent charges. Although Metro Black Sedan renders 24 hours of service, but our office hours are from 5:00am to 11:00pm. For next morning we allot reservations by 11:00 pm.


Call us first then leave the area of baggage, otherwise you will have to give the charges of No Show up. You might not find your driver at the pickup area but don’t leave. Call at the dispatch office, we will then instruct and let you to your driver. If you don’t call us and leave the area, then you will be charged for the complete ride price along with any charges of waiting time.


If you or your respective party causes any damage to the car or get sick in, then you will have to pay the damage charge as a cost of cleaning or repairing the car. You also have to accept and agree that you will pay all the fees and charges related to it to make the car back to its normal or actual working state.


Metro Black Sedan service only accepts sanction on the card to make sure about the availability of funds. The online statement of your credit card account will only show it as Pending Funds. If you make some extra stops that you haven’t notified us or have changed the place of destination, then the sanctioned amount can be more than the expected charges. After your trip is complete, we will charge your card and through email you will get all the receipts.


All the invoice charges will be regarded as correct along with due upon receipt for corporate clients who are having corporate accounts, until we get any demur within ten days from the date of invoice. We must be mailed or faxed the disputed vouchers’ copies along with indicating the things or charges under dispute. But if the initiation of disputes exceed the allotted time period then it will be regarded as final and non-refundable.

All the charges applied to credit card of the customers, those holding individual accounts or personal profiles will be regarded as correct, until we get any demur within fifteen days from the written charge date. We must be mailed or faxed the statements or slips’ copies of credit card along with indicating the things or charges under dispute. If the initiation of disputes exceed the allotted time period then it will be regarded as final and non-refundable.


You accept to pay all the legal fees of counseling, litigation, accounting, costs, expenses and payments for all the actions taken before, during and later the commencement of legal proceedings for collecting payments due in case of non-payment.


The Corporate clients having the corporate accounts must clear all the payments within 15 days from the date of invoice as accepted in the contract. If the payments are not done within the given time period, then charges of interests will be added of 1.5% monthly or 18% yearly.

The individual account holders or personal profiles must do all the payments after accomplishing the ride. And the individuals holding the credit card will get their credit card charged after completing the ride.


The drivers can suspend or terminate to render service of the trip if customers behave inappropriately with them. In that case, you are subjected to full charge of service.


These are the rates which are calculated depending on zones and mileage. Corporate accounts satisfying the minimum requirements of usage can get special discounts based on volume. Connect to a representative of account sales for special prices.


Packages of cars are charged hourly. Certain restrictions on hourly minimums and zones apply.


60 minutes of International grace period and 40 minutes for domestic is permitted followed by the reported arrival time of the flight for only airport pickups.

All the other pickups are given 15 minutes grace period. There will be 15 minute increment charges at the waiting time after the grace period.

Before we send our driver, we check all the flights of domestic as well as international. Right from the official arrival time, billing will begin after the grace period.


Price of every stop differs according to location and distance. For requesting pricing, please call us. There will be no extra charges for chivalry stops like stopping for coffee, newspaper or for mailing a letter. But if you make longer or multiple stops, then you will have to pay stop charges. Stop charges will also be charged if you pick any extra passenger.


Customers are billed all round trip tolls basing on the chosen route. All round trip tolls will be charged by Luxor Limo for getting to and from the destination. Only tolls are collected by Luxor Limo and there is no charge on them.


We offer Meet & Greet Airport service to the customers of stretch limousine, van and SUV. The charges of waiting and parking time will be charged to your credit card or account. Passengers will be met at the baggage claim or exit of customers by our driver, who will be holding a sign having his or her last name. Then the driver will steer the customer to the designated location. There is 40 minutes complimentary free for domestic and for international flights 60 minutes free from the time of arrival in this package.


All the regulatory and parking fees of the airport charge extra $10.00. These fees go to the airport parking lot and we don’t charge any of it.


There will be an addition of 20% gratuity automatically for suitable single payment.


Surcharge on Holiday and Severe weather might be applicable to the trips taking place on:
New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
Labor Day
Christmas Day
Fourth of July
Thanksgiving Day.


All deposits are non-refundable but you need to cancel the reservation in proper allowed time.


  • Detaining or suspending due to weather condition
    Detaining or suspending due to the car’s mechanical breakdown
    Any type of loss for delaying in service or suspending for mechanical
    Weather condition or breakdown
    Terminating or detaining because of natural disasters
    Delaying because of detours and constructions
    Detaining because of accident on the way
    Destruction that sub-contractors caused
    Damage of laptop
    Left articles in the limousine.

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